PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando


Group Warmup

4 Person Teams
40:00 AMRAP
Partner 1 and 2 Start in bay and complete
10 Rounds of*:
10 Burpee over Parallette
5 Shoot Throughs

Partner 3 and 4 complete
100m Prowler Push
100m Farmer’s Carry (220/160)

When Partner 1 and 2 complete work in bay, they switch with partners 3 and 4. COntinue this pattern until time expires

Score is number of complete rounds of Push/Carry

*1 Partner holds plank while other is working. Work can only continue while plank is held.
** 1 Partner pushes sled 100m, while the other carries load. They switch at the 100m mark and return 100m. This is 1 round.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard. IMG_6116

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