PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

He’s Back…

As a four person team, complete the following:

4 Minute AMRAP of:
3 Push Ups
6 Air Squats
9 Mountain Climbers

(Combine all completed rounds for each team member. Each round/point is worth 0.5 seconds. This total time will be deducted from total WOD time.  i.e. if each member completes a total of 10 rounds individually, then the team total rounds completed equals 40 & the value is 20 seconds off final time.)

Rest 1 Minute. Then,

1,010m Run to 300m Suicide Ladder with markers set at 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50m.
1,010m Run with Kettlebell Carry (50#/30#). 4 kettlebells per team can be transported anyway.
300 Wall Balls (20#/15#)*
1,010m Run with Kettlebell Carry
300 Burpees*
1,010m Run
300 Caulderon*

For Time.

*Only one person working at a time.

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