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Massage Therapy

Your massage therapist has been practicing since 2003 & Crossfitting since 2008….she knows how to provide the relief you are looking for.

Kinesio Taping® Method

is a definitive rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical setting.

$20 per treatment area
30 Minute Spot Treatment

This massage offers 30 minutes of pain relieving techniques, including deep tissue. TMJ treatment focuses on the reduction of tension in the masticatory (chewing) muscles, eliminating trigger points—the hyperirritable “knots” felt in the muscle that refer pain elsewhere—and releasing tension in the fascia around the jaw area.

$35 Members / $45 Non-Members
Integrative Massage

Combines Swedish Massage, Medical Massage and other styles; Provides you with multiple benefits that cater to your needs by spending more time on your areas of discomfort, then gently releasing restrictions.  Integrative Massage offers more flexibility than a Swedish Massage, reducing pain, increasing circulation, building of your immune system and restoring your calm balance.  Touch is medium or firm pressure (not deep pressure) with rich, moisturizing massage cream.

60 Minutes  – $55 Members / $65 Non-Members
90 Minutes  – $90 Members / $115 Non-Members
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

(includes stretching techniques)This form uses techniques specifically adapted to deal with the effects of intense physical exertion on the body. Its primary purpose is to ease stiffness and pain in both muscles and joints, increase mobility in muscles and joints, warm muscle and connective tissue prior to exercise and help in removing toxins and lactic acid after a workout.  This modality is used before, during and after many athletic events and been found to enhance athletic performance by keeping muscles at their peak of flexibility and strength, while warding off injury. Massage after great exertion reduces ones level of stiffness and muscle soreness.

60 Minutes  – $60 Members / $70 Non-Members
90 Minutes – $95 Members / $110 Non-Members
5 Session Packages

(5) 60 Minute Integrative Massage Sessions $225 (Savings of $30)
(5) 60 Minute Sports Massage Sessions $250 (Savings of $50)
*Packages are non-transferrable.  Only one client may redeem 5 session packages.
*Gift Certificates available for purchase.

Want a Massage in your home?  Minimum trip charge of $15.
For additional information and to schedule your Massage, please contact Lise Carrion at 407.687.0192

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