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Long-standing member, Jenny Miranda, is one of our most fit members at the FireBase rivaling nearly all others in terms of athleticism, strength, and conditioning. Her journey to the FireBase comes with many running miles traveled, but she has found a home in this community of crossfitters.

What is your sport or fitness background? What was your fitness routine like before joining the FireBase?

I’ve participated in sports most of my life. From soccer and gymnastics when I was young to track, volleyball, basketball and swimming in elementary and middle school. I rowed in high school, took up casually running just to stay active in college and after college I began running half marathons and marathons. I practice yoga as often as I can, along with CrossFit.

How long have you been a member at the FireBase? What prompted you to look into CrossFit and how did you end up at the FireBase?

I’ve been a member of Firebase for almost 4 years.  I decided to give CrossFit a try as I had just finished up Marathonfest and needed a break from running long distances for a bit. I like to stay active so I needed something new, I figured I would give CrossFit a try. I heard about Firebase from of the member’s, Ashley Stephens.

What have you noticed is the biggest difference in your fitness level since joining the FireBase?

I’m much stronger than I used to be. I’m also no longer afraid to lift heavy weights.

Jenny Miranda

Jenny Miranda

What do you enjoy most about training at the FireBase?

The amazing people I have met along the way. Firebase has always been a box with a wonderful community base. I felt it from the first time I stepped into the box. It was certainly intimidating at first but everyone has always been so welcoming and so nice. I have met some of the most amazing people, friends I have seen get married, friends I have traveled the world with, friends that have made me happy for no other reason than they’re just amazing people, friends I will have in my life forever.

What one movement in CrossFit do you think elicits the best results and why?

Prowlers!! They have the ability to knock someone who’s relatively in shape down a few pegs. Using a prowler can be very versatile and will do number on your legs, heart and lungs – my favorites to work!!

What one movement do you hate seeing on the whiteboard and why?

Handstand Push-ups. Mainly, because they are a more technical movement that is performed while upside down. No Bueno!!

What would you say to anyone thinking about trying CrossFit, but are afraid of doing it?

Don’t be afraid. Don’t let what others are doing around you or on social media intimidate you. Everyone was new at some point. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

CrossFit Firebase - The Girls post WOD

CrossFit Firebase – The Girls post WOD

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