PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Monday, 02-04-2019


Back Squats

7×60%, 6×65%, 5×75%, 3×85%, 1×90%, 1×95%, AMRAP 75%


For Time:

400m run


Power Cleans (135/95)



400m run

WOD Tips:

This is week four of our back squat cycle. Prepare yourselves for that 1 rep at 95%. Be sure to take a good 2 minute rest between the 90% and 95% lifts. Back squat pointers 1. Fight to keep chest up throughout the lift 2. Hands just outside the shoulders, drive the elbows under the bar, squeeze the bar tight 3. Drive the knees out the entire lift, keep your feet 45 degree angle 4. Drive you hip forward when you feel that heavy sticking point

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