PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Our Feet Keep Us Grounded



Everyday we focus on pain and mobility associated with our hips and knees while we are working out but the problems may in fact start a little bit lower on our bodies!!! The importance of mobility, flexibility and stability of the foot and ankle can in fact affect the entire body including the knees, hips and back. Mobilizing the foot and ankle will often times help relieve knee, hip and back pain as well as improve your mobility in squatting, swinging and cleaning/snatching

A few ways you can mobilize and increase range of motion are spending time rolling underneath your foot and heel on a lacrosse ball, rolling out your calves and achilles on a barbell, and/or squatting with a band attached to a support beam to help stretch and floss your ankle

Committing to a few sessions a week will not only better your results in the gym but also improve your overall quality of life!

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