PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

PRIMUS Trials – RX Standards and Instructions

Before starting the WOD, please notify your judge if your team is doing Red Pill or Blue Pill so you can be directed to right station. All of the movements in the gym will utilize a tag-in and tag-out system.

Team relay – One teammate sprints with slammer ball to cone. Do 10 ball slams. Run back and hand-off to teammate. Repeat until all teammates have completed the relay.

Ball slams (20/15)

  • Ball extended overhead
  • Slam the ball into the Earth
  • Do not throw the ball at your teammate!

Once the relay is complete, teams may immediately begin the sled push.

1000m Sled Push – (2 x 45/1 x 45)

  • Stay on road at all times
  • No cutting corners, no going on sidewalks!
  • Weight stays on the sled at all times
  • Sled can be pushed by more than one person

Return the sled to the starting line and go inside the gym. Once all four teammates are inside the gym, teams can begin either Red Pill or Blue Pill. Teams may NOT start the pills if any teammates are still walking outside.

Tell your judge before the WOD starts which pill you have chosen. This is U-go-I-go format and can be split anyway.

red pill blue pillRED PILL

110 Kettlebell swings

  • American-style
  • Arms extended overhead
  • Head through the window
  • Hips extended

20/15 Bar Muscle-ups

  • Arms locked at the top of the muscle-up
  • Will only have access to one pull-up bar. No standing under other sections of the rig.
  • Men will split 20 muscle-ups
  • Women will split 15 muscle-ups

80 Ground-to-overhead (135/95)

  • Either snatches or clean & jerks are acceptable
  • Arms extended at the top
  • Head through the window
  • Each rep touches the ground
  • Can be recycled

60 Box jump-overs (24/20)

  • No step-ups and step-downs
  • Can be box facing or lateral jump overs
  • Can also jump completely over the box

Once your pill is completed, teams immediately do 12 rope climbs. U-go-I-go format.

12 rope climbs

  • 12 rope climbs split anyway
  • Touch the black line at the top (touching the beam is not necessary but is way cooler)
  • Be careful on the way down

Once the rope climbs are complete, teams may immediately grab their assigned barbell and begin the 1000m equipment carry. Barbells will be pre-loaded.

1000 meter equipment carry (135/95)

  • Weight must stay on the barbell at all times. No removing the weight.
  • Can be carried by any number of teammates
  • Equipment can be dropped on the ground, but cannot be rolled forward.
  • Stay on the road at all times
  • No cutting corners, no going on sidewalks!
  • DFIU

During the carry, teams will stop at the cul-de-sac and do a bunch of stuff. See below.

80 thrusters (135/95) (U-go-I-go, split anyway)

  • Go to the thruster area to the left.
  • Hips below parallel
  • Arms extended at the top
  • Head through the window
  • Leave barbell at the station while doing tireflips

Team tire flips across the cul-de-sac
Tires will be located on one side of the cul-de-sac

  • Flip it fully across the cul-de-sac to the far cone
  • Can be flipped by more than one teammate
  • At the cone, stop and do 20 team locked-arm sit-ups

20 team locked-arm sit ups

  • All four teammates lock arms
  • Team does sit-ups at the same time
  • Can use a “leg kip”
  • Shoulders in front of the hips at the top
  • Shoulders touch the ground at the bottom

Once team sit-ups are complete, tire flip back to the starting line. Once the tire is back at the starting line, do 20 synchro partner-clap burpees.

20 synchro partner-clap burpees, aka “Burpee Cakes”

  • Two people working at once
  • Partners will face each other and burpee at the same time
  • Clap hands during the jump
  • When partners clap hands, that is one repetition.
  • Partners may be slightly angled to each other so they don’t butt heads

Once the Burpee Cakes are complete, immediately grab your barbell and complete the equipment carry. Stay on the road at all times and no cutting corners.

Return to the gym and drop the barbell at the designated lifting platform by the back wall. Teams can begin the following couplet when all four teammates are inside the gym. This is U-go-I-go style and can be split anyway. Teams must load their own barbell, which can be loaded during the HSPU.

40 Handstand Pushups

  • HSPU are against the back wall on mats
  • Hands must stay within the chalked lines
  • Both heels must be touching the wall at the top of the handstand for the rep to count
  • If heels are floating off the wall at the top, rep will not count

60 Cleans (185/125)

  • Teams must load their barbell, but can be loaded while teammates are doing HSPU
  • Every rep touches the floor
  • Power or full cleans are acceptable
  • Elbows flash past the bar at the top
  • Hips extended

Once the cleans are completed, the entire team immediately moves outside for the row and bear crawl.

60/50 calorie row

  • Two teammates pick the row
  • Use one rower
  • Calories can be split anyway
  • Partners are responsible for turning on their own monitor
  • Men row 60 cals, women row 50.

100 meter partner bear crawl

  • Two teammates pick the bear crawl
  • Both teammates will bear crawl at the same time the full distance
  • May rest or stand up as much as you want, just can’t advance
  • If bear crawlers finish first, they cannot switch onto the rower
  • Both crawlers must go the full distance to complete the station.

Once both stations above are fully completed, the team may advance to the last movement.

100 meter Team Skipping

  • Start at the starting line
  • All four teammates must be holding hands
  • Team skips to the stop sign and back
  • If team breaks holding hands, judge will stop them. They must re-clasp hands.
  • Teams CANNOT run. Must be skipping!
  • DFIU

For time!

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