PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Saturday 7-2-2016

“Operation: Independence Day”

Team Firebase doing prowler pushes at crossfit competition

Team of 4

12 rope climb buy-in, then
2 teammates run 1000M, 2 teammates row 1000M.

Go to grassy field behind the gym
Full team does the following at same time, hauling these implements: slam ball (25/20), sandbag, wall ball (20/14), kettlebell (53/35). Haul anyway, they cannot be thrown.

* 50M bear crawl
* 50M crab walk
* 50M low crawl
* 50M walking lunge

Go into gym, u-go-i-go:
120 slammers (25/20)
120 KB swings (53/35)
120 wall balls (20/14)
100 sandbag step-ups (24/20)

Prowler push to far side of cul-de-sac with barbell, clips, and plates (2 x 25 men / 2 x 15 women). Transport equipment any way.

At turnaround: 120 burpees over partners, two teammates working at a time.

After cul-de-sac one team member must be on prowler at all times for return trip except when lifting.

At 400M marker: 100 thrusters & 100 pushups (two people working at a time)
At 200M marker: 100 S2O & 100 air squats (two people working at a time)

Return to gym

100M buddy carry, both pairs working
12 rope climb cash out

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