PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Saturday – “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

Teams of 6 (co-ed even teams)

Complete 2 tasks simultaneously using any combination of teammates.

Task 1:
Three people row 10,000m using 2 rowers.

Task 2:
Three people run a pile of weight to the 400m and back. Max of 2 items per trip.

Once either task is complete, everyone may help complete the other task.

(equal piles of dumbbells, 2×45, 2×35, 2×25 , 2×10 per team, 2 barbells (45/35), 1 sandbag, 1 sled, 2 PVC)

When both tasks are complete, go into gym:
2 barbells – clean 10,000 lbs any way
2 barbells – squat 10,000 lbs any way

200m sled push – 2×45,2×35,2×25,2×10, 2 PVC, 1 sandbag

For time.

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