PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Saturday Teams, 2-9-2019

Teams of 4 – “Hit it, Don’t Quit It”

Part A
Do 3 rounds of the following, round-robin style:

3′ AMRAP. (Count total reps in head-2-head battle!)
Teammate does full round before tagging out.

1′ break between AMRAPs to rotate teams.

bear crawl to box
5 burpees
5 box jumps or step-ups (24/20) (20/16)
5 Shoulder-to-overheads (135/95) (95/75)
run back and tag teammate

After the third AMRAP, go immediately to rowers stationed outside and hit it, don’t quit it:

Part B:
2000m row + add reps from part A as meters (ex: 15 reps x 20 rds = 300m + 2000M = 2300m)

Then 800m chase ball (20/15/10)

at cul-de-sac:
160 push-ups each (two people working at once)
160 partner ball toss sit-ups (two people working at once)

Back in gym, u-go-I-go:
120 front squats (use loads from Part A)
80 Kettlebell swings (72/53/44)

400m chase ball (20/15/10)

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