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The Bowens

Blaise and Donna Bowen have been members at PRIMUS CrossFit for longer than most can remember. Both are a big part of the community, always there to help with things needing repaired around the gym, or a member that needs help personally. The Bowens symbolize what it means to be a involved in the PRIMUS Family. Here is their story.


1. What was your fitness routine like before joining PRIMUS CrossFit?

I ran a lot. I had done a couple of half marathons and a full marathon. I also studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few years. I always worked out and thought I enjoyed doing the workouts on my own. Having the friendships and the push has really made a big difference.
Donna: I was a triathlete for about 15 years.2. How long have you been a member of the gym? What prompted you to look into CrossFit?

Blaise: I joined the gym in 2012. As a firefighter we were doing Crossfit type workouts at the Station. At least we thought we were. I learned pretty quickly that there is a big difference between doing crossfit type workouts on your own and learning proper technique and getting pushed really hard by coaches and other members. Iron sharpens Iron.

Donna: I have been a member for going on 7 years. What promoted me was Blaise and I wanted to do something different.

3. What have you noticed as the biggest difference in your fitness level since joining PRIMUS CrossFit?Blaise: I have better range of motion. I really had a lot of issues doing a lot of the movements due to lack of ROM. Of all the things I’ve improved, my ROM is the thing that has helped me in my everyday life the most.

Donna: I am much stronger than I have even been which helps me with day-to-day activities.

4. What do you enjoy most about training at PRIMUS CrossFit?Blaise: I love the people. I love how supportive everyone is and how much fun we have. I really look forward to seeing the people. The coaching is great and I love learning and getting better.

Donna: I enjoy new experiences, feeling humble and friendships.

5. What one movement in CrossFit do you think promotes the best results and why?Blaise: I think the Prowler is really tough. When I am pushing that thing hard, it is just brutal.

Donna: The Prowler Push. The movement uses the whole body and challenges the mind.

6. What one movement do you hate seeing on the whiteboard and why?Blaise: I probably like hand stand pushups the least. It’s mainly because they are really tough for me.

Donna: My least favorite movement is muscle ups only because I can’t do them. Otherwise, I don’t really hate any movement. Sometimes you just got to do it whether you like it or not.

7. What would you say to anyone thinking about trying CrossFit, but are afraid of doing it?

Blaise: I tell people all the time to come and check it out. A lot of people will say things like “I don’t want people to see how bad of shape I’m in.” My response is just get in there and try it. It’s not about being a superstar it’s about working out hard, getting fitter, making friends, and having fun.

Donna: You can always modify. The challenge will change you life.

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