PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Teams of 2

One partner will be Rowing for Calories at all times. Partners will alternate, switching positions after each round.

While continuously rowing, complete:

1) 10 Rounds of:
5 Curtis P (95#M/65#F)*
2) 10 Rounds of:
5 Burpee Pullups
3) 10 Rounds of:
5 Mr. Spectacular (20#M/15#F)**

For Time and Calories.

*1 Rep of “Curtis P” is:
1 Power Clean
1 Right Lunge
1 Left Lunge
1 Push Press
Performed with Barbell.

** 1 Mr. Spectacular is:
With 2 Dumbells at side, walk hands out into a plank. Perform Pushup. Walk  back up, set up for Dumbell clean. Perform Dumbell Squat Clean Thruster

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