PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Thursday, 02-28-2019

KB Complex
Movement Review and Warm-up
Even – One Hand Russian Swing, Clean, Thruster, Snatch (Repeat with Opposite Hand)
Odd – 5 Pass Throughs 10 Ring Rows

5 Rounds for Time
10 Wall Balls
100M KB Farmer Carry
10 Cal Row
40M Sled Push 3/45, 2/45
2 Rope Climbs

WOD Tips:
Part A of today’s workout is focused primarily on Kettlebell skill work by combining several KB swings into a complex format. Pick a weight that is challenging, but not to the extent that you cannot complete the complex fluidly. Part B anaerobic conditioning will be challenging if you push hard through each of the movements; Be sure to focus on using your legs on the ropes as your grip will be weakened by the other movements. Vest up for a little extra spice!

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