PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando


HEAVY TORC DAY (Always completed as 1st squat day of the week)

Warm Up Sets: 50% x 6 60% x 4

Working Sets: 75% x 2 80% x 2 85% x 2 90% x 2 95% x 2

Drop Sets: 85% x 4 80% x 6 75% x 8+ (Complete as many reps as possible on set of 8 or more)

*If you complete ALL SETS on HEAVY TORC DAY then increase you working max weight by 5 lbs

**Only increase working max after hitting ALL SETS of HEAVY TORC DAY, not LITE TORC DAY

LITE TORC DAY (Always completed as 2nd squat day of the week with at least two days of rest from HEAVY TORC DAY)

Warm Up Sets: 40% x 6 50% x 4

Working Sets: 65% x 3 70% x 3 75% x 3 80% x 3 85% x 3

Drop Sets: 75% x 6 70% x 8 65% x 10+ (Complete as many reps as possible on set of 10 or more)

*Switch your HEAVY and LITE squat days between BACK SQUAT and FRONT SQUAT each week. Example would be HEAVY BACK SQUAT on Monday and LITE FRONT SQUAT on Thursday followed by HEAVY FRONT SQUAT on Monday and LITE BACK SQUAT on Thursday the following week.

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