PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Tuesday, 05-02-2017

Group Warm-up
Ab-mat Relays – Carry Ab-mat to each cone
Cone 1 – 5 Air Squats, Cone 2 – 5 Sit-ups, Cone 3 – 5 Push-ups, wall – 5 walls balls. Run back and Hand off ab-mat to next teammate in line who then goes through same circuit. 2 lines/2 teams

Partner Chipper. YGIGO – Split Reps
100 Wall Balls
90 Kettlebell Swings
80 V-ups
70 Call Row
60 Body Weight Lunges
50 Power Cleans 115/85
Resting P2 must always be holding the barbell until the power cleans. P1 must stop working when barbell touches the ground

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