PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Tuesday, 05-16-2017

Group Warm Up

Conditioning. Team AMRAP 30 (Team of Two)

  • 10x Burpee Bar Touch (Pull Up Bar)
    • Tall Guys use higher bar
    • Girls that can’t jump and touch the pull up bar can hang a band as a target
  • 8x Parallette Pass Through
    • Through and back = 1
  • 6x Wall Balls
  • 4x Toe To Bar
  • 2x Deadlift
    • 155# / 115#
    • 185# / 135#
    • 225# / 155#
    • Once you get to the top of the second deadlift you must hold it at the top.
    • Your partner can then start the burpees.
    • You cannot drop the bar until your partner completes the toes to bar.
    • If you drop the bar, your partner must stop, and you must deadlift the bar back to a hold position before they can resume their round

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