PRIMUS CrossFit Orlando

Tuesday, 12-31-2019

8 minute Tabata: 40″ work / 20″ rest
1 – Air squats
2 – Pushups
3 – Dumbbell snatches
4 – Double unders

Conditioning: Dorie Hero WOD – 20′ partner AMRAP

Buy in: 200 meter sand bag carry with partner With remaining time:

Partner a does 1 round of
15 American kettlebell swings (53/35)
10 burpees
5 G2O (115/76)

While partner A is working partner B is doing max wall balls until Partner A finishes the round, then they switch. This goes on until 150 wall balls are done. If there is any remaining time they will continue the 15 10 5 circuit one at a time. One partner works the other rest. The score is the rounds

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